Wind Project Engineering

We provide state of the art engineering, scientific and risk management services to support our Clients businesses through the entire lifespan of a Wind Project. 

Client can benefit from our experience and knowledge gained in near 16GW Wind projects worldwide. We understand our Clients business goals and objectives which enables us -together with Client- to assess the right solution to every project or assignment.  We are always committed to our clients best interest.

We have provided engineering services to every phase (from pre-tendering through out to Decommissioning) of a wind project, both offshore -including floating- and onshore development worldwide. We can support our Client ´s portfolio assets  grow by locating potential development and/or investment sites worldwide; we´ll assess the Project´s LCOE and IRR to identify the real potential of the actual site. 

Thanks to our broad and integrated knowledge and experience and to being a fully independent organization, we can perform wind projects technical due diligence by analyzing the technical aspects  that will facilitate our Client´s decision making

Our approach

Understand the culture

Respect and understanding of the culture, both internal and external, is essential to drive progress and capture more value by reducing concerns and frustration during the various phases of a project. Taking culture in to account, Danish Wind Partners develops a visible roadmap to reduce complexity and identify gaps for full transparentcy, this roadmap enables organizations to create a lean and solid aproach and to assists in defining roles and responsiblities for stakeholders or teammembers. The roadmap further confirms and align all important assumptions and interfaces for increased project success and a high result.

Danish Wind Partners take full ownership, are flexible and proactive to deliver as promised and fulfill our commitments as our passion for wind goes hand in hand with the excellence performance of our team.   

Our criteria for success

  • Wind and MetOcean Design Data 
  • Site Data Measurement and Mapping Campaign 
  • Ecological Services
  • Noise Analysis and Dredging Spills Study
  • Design Basis Documents
  • Wind Park Layout Design Review
  • Uncertainties Assessment
  • WTG Market Competitiveness Analysis
  • Wind farm Life Extension
  • Employers Requirements 
  • HSE Requirements
  • Foundation Engineering
  • Scour Protection Design
  • Maritime Engineering, Planning and Installation
  • Ports and Coastal Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering, Inspection and Auditing
  • Tendering Support Services
  • Permitting Support Services
  • Contract Negotiation and Management
  • Claim and Litigation Support Services
  • Certification Management
  • Risk and Interfaces Management
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Other Planning/Development Studies

Contact Information


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