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Wind project management

Wind Partners is your trusted wind advisor, we use our full toolbox developed and obtained over the years, to drive and meet your quality requirements for a successful wind project with the highest possible returns.  

Each project is unique with specific requirements and strategies, all these factors are defined and tailored during the greenfield development process. Wind Partners assist you in defining and optimizing the critical success factors and key priorities during the development activities. Having been involved in over 85 GW wind projects in various stages, we have the experience and the know-how to optimize and fast-track activities during all phases of a project. This documented process ensures clear and smooth scoping and flow from development handover into implementation.

Project Implementation

For the implementation, Wind Partners will handle the project and the stakeholders engaged with a high-level of information and communication, bringing you in as part of the solution to ensure compliance and a win/win situation.

During the implementation the following areas are managed and controlled to bring security and safeguard the project interests at all times:

  • Cost and budget control – Status and benchmarking

  • Scope control - Avoiding creep or seep

  • Risk- and interface matrix – Controlling purposes

  • Planning and scheduling – Optimize construction activities

  • Procurement, EPC contracting – Ensuring integration

  • Legal requirements – External and internal in project

  • Technological advantage – Industry driven

  • Quality level - Defined by you and the industry

  • Resources and culture – Local and international experience

The Project Implementation Plan or Project Charter will define the project to a certain level or degree, Wind Partners will review and update such plans to ensure a clear path forward and that the scope is fully understood by all parties. We have during the years often seen unclear or mis-understood scope or interfaces that leads to delay and cost overrun, resulting in a lower return on investment than expected.

Wind Partners will challenge methodologies and incorporate lesson learned where applicable. We focus on areas of “nice to have vs need to have” to optimize both scope and budget as early as possible. For this optimization, we advocate for bringing the right know-how and resources into the project to increase efficiency.

Our professional approch

Wind Partners approach is a smaller team of specialists who have prior experience and know-how who understands the complexity. We believe that a project’s success is depending on the culture and the people engaged, therefore one of our focus areas are communication and stakeholder engagement, we strongly believe this contribute to reduce cost for a higher EBIT.

The right technical solution always trumps any discussions, we believe the business case should contain the latest technology combined with proper risk management to give the business case the most competitive advantage.

The key for success

Wind Partners main objective is to deliver in accordance to expectations at the defined quality, on time and within budget, we do not assume but want clarity and alignment prior to engagements to safeguard the business case towards a successful wind project.

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Current engagements 

We are currently engaged in assignments in Scandinavia, Middle East, Latin America and Australia contact our development organisation GREEN ENERGY PARTNERS




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