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Wind project development 

Wind development is a complex exercise in handling risk, the main reason for failure is often due to lack of preparation.

Danish Wind Partners is Partner in Green Energy Partners in Australia, and here the partnership model is demonstrating our ability in creating and conducting detailed large scale project development, Using our long experience.

Top level traffic lighting of the following:

  • Political / Social Risk

  • Permit / Environmental Risk

  • Wind Risk

  • Technical Risk

  • Accessibility Risk

  • Contracting

  • Operational / Regulatory Risk

  • Risk of Budget overrun

Need for speed

Competition is high and speed is therefore essential to control and mitigate risks, Danish Wind partners will in collaboration with you and your team evaluate the development risks and create mitigation and contingency plans accordantly,
for continued monitoring and control up until financial close where the project is handed over to implementation.

Looking into the past, there are two main reason for delay in project development or construction.
Typically, due to missing or delayed grid connection or closing financing, Green Energy Partners view, it is due to lack of communication or people and culture.

Collaboration and comprehensive process

Danish Wind Partners can participate in the development as partner or on a Development Service Agreement to your project. I will in collaboration with you and your stakeholders create and develop a communication matrix including a detailed communication plan. In conjunction with this matrix developed by Danish Wind Partners will develop and update a project specific “Development and Construction Deliverable Map”, that takes the people and culture into account to foster high level of collaboration and to ensure full understanding of the development and construction process.

We will now draft the long list of documents required together with your management and financing team, which will give the overall governance for the project.

Danish Wind Partners will update and develop these documents for implementation into the project, as we believe full decision and project governance is required from the early start of a project, to ensure a smooth and fast progress.

Bottom line focus

Danish Wind Partners will draft and develop a solid business case, based on our know-how and accordance to the agreed project strategy. The business case will contain a comprehensive risk- and interface matrix and a high-level project schedule with defined milestones and critical factors identified.

Taking technical and commercial aspects into account, the annual energy production will be assessed and challenged with focus on long-term operation. Wind Partners strongly advise to ensure a professional and bankable measuring campaign of wind data is performed.

The business case will consider and take the entire project environment in to account, increasing the likelihood of the highest possible internal rate of return combined with best- and next practice.

The key for success

Danish Wind Partners believe the key for success is, the way we act and build up the project team, with the right qualified team and not necessary a big team.

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