Danish Wind Partners work with partners and we are proud to see our services progressing, being part of the solutions is important for us to build partnerships and long-term relationships within the industry.

We work and represent 1. client and 1. engagement at a time, not having multiple agenda's giving a clear interface towards project participants and the market. Wind Partners will visualize potential risks and interfaces while decreasing project uncertaincy or constraints for you and the partners to make positive project decisions.


Nicole Johnson Murphy


Danish Wind Partners is assisting ECO TLP Inc. in its deployment strategy for the implementation of the ECO TLP. DWP’s expert technical and market knowledge for floating offshore wind provides a unique skillset which has supported our development of the patented Tension Leg Platform foundation, specially designed for XXL Floating Offshore Wind Turbines for deep water locations. We will develop the most cost-effective, eco-friendly, concrete tension leg platform for XXL floating offshore wind farms world-wide.

Danish Wind Partners, through their offshore wind development arm Green Energy Partners, specialize in floating offshore wind with a deep market intelligence for the floating wind market. Together with their partners, they assess floating wind opportunities in LATAM, Middle East and Australia, and have given ECO TLP market insight. Together we will ensure we develop and offer a state-of-the-art design with use of technology for AI optimization and monitoring, the most economical, standardized installation method, carbon capture with a positive ocean impact. We will create local job opportunities and use of local materials and offer a low-cost, practical O&M over the lifespan of the array.

I highly recommend Danish Wind Partners as a leader in offshore wind technical and market development partner to support all aspects of project deployment for floating offshore wind.

Kind Regards

Nicole Johnson Murphy,

Sébastien Rondel


Rgreen recently retained Danish Wind Partners (“DWP”) to carry out a technical due diligence on a portfolio of operating windfarm assets. The task was complex involving half dozen of old discontinued turbine models across as a many parks in several countries. It involved not only evaluating current conditions but also finding solutions to expand lifespans, enhance maintenance policies, sourcing spares and evaluating repowering development options. Their added value was evident as over a comprehensive descriptions of the current farms status they were able to propose practical real solutions to every challenging issues we met. All this within the challenges of the Covid 19 restrictions when DWP managed to safely travel from site to site in a camper van!

I would highly recommend DWP for their professional, honest, hands on, open and accessible approach. It was a pleasure working and learning from them and we very much look forward to working with them again on many future opportunities.

Best regards 

Sébastien Rondel

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