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Wind solutions made easy

We support on shore and complex offshore wind developers and investors with tailored end to end solutions

Investor project technical and financial appraisal - Helping investors consider wind project opportunities to ensure that they are technically sound and offer the expected financial returns.

  • Do you know the full potential of your projects?
  • Do you need an integrated evaluation of proposed wind projects to understand the full investment potential and comprehend the risks?
  • Have you created a detailed business plan to realise the highest value of your investment?

Development support - Working in partnership with project owners to develop and deliver high quality risk managed developments.

  • Do you have all the in-house resources to complete the development of your projects?
  • Do you have a detailed market survey for your specific project?
  • Do you have a full appraisal of the project risks and development requirements?

Engineering, construction, procurement, installation, and operations management - Years of experience delivering projects over their entire lifecycle means that both our clients and the projects needs are well understood.

  • Have you maximized the revenue by exploring your projects full engineering potential?
  • Do you have the right design to fully optimise the balance of capital and operating full life costs?
  • Do you have the appropriately experienced resources to manage the project delivery during these phases?

Danish Wind Partners, Spanish Wind Partners, German Wind Partners, and UK Wind Partners, embracing a worldwide wind cooperation.

Wind Partners Concept was created in 2019, by Danish Wind Partners, in 2020 the difficulties traveling abroad created the need for working local but thinking Global we therefor reached out to our network for creating a bigger and closer network under the same platform. Niels Baden Roerholm, and his partners have significant experience in developing, financing, engineering and implementing of complex windfarms around the globe.  

  • Is Fully independent advisory important for you? 
  • Do you appriciate trusted people who see themself as YOUR Parners?
    • who takes YOUR interest 
    • who can fast-trak activities
    • reaching milestones and goals

We will be looking forward to talk to you

End to end solutions 

 Expertise, tools and values

Danish Wind Partners can ensure the successful delivery of your projects.

  • Our processes, tools and approach have been refined using over 100 years of collective industry experience

  • We have the combined skillsets of financial, technical and commercial engineering.

  • We embrace our partners values and take ownership of our responsibilities.

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